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Trademark Search & Report

Trademark Search & Report

Some entrepreneurs aren’t ready to register their trademark until they know it’ll be worth it. It makes sense. I mean why pay an attorney hundreds of dollars if you don’t even know if your name is available or likely to be registered? I’ve found that many of my clients would prefer to pay for a trademark search and report before committing to registration. 


This is a win-win because if the search goes well (meaning, there’s a strong likelihood that your mark can be registered), we'll take the fee off the total price for trademark registration, since the search is typically included in the package. 


If the search doesn’t go well because your name is already taken in your industry, then I’ll suggest for you to make small changes to your name and do a FREE additional search on the new name. 


So, what are you waiting for? Purchase this service today so I can send our engagement agreement and questionaire to you, then start the search.



What's Included:

  • Comprehensive Search for your Trademark
  • Detailed Search Report
  • Opinion Letter on Likelihood of Registration


BONUS* Free additional search if your choice is problematic

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