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E-Contracts Bundle

E-Contracts Bundle

Congratulations 🥳 You are about to purchase 4 of the most essential contracts for entrepreneurs 😍 Included in the Entrepreneur Contracts Bundle are:


1. Operating Agreement (necessary when there are multiple business owners);


2. Independent Contractor Agreement (ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for contractor deals);


3. Copyright Assignment Agreement (necessary when you deal with designers, photographers, artists etc for your business branding & products); and


4. Non-disclosure Agreement (needed to protect your ideas, confidential info, & trade secrets when working with others).


Here’s how it works 👩🏽‍💼


I provide you with the contracts. You fill in the details for your business. Drafted by experienced business attorneys, these contracts protect your personal and business assets while making your business deals fair and profitable to you, your consumers, and those you work with. 


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